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SERVICES NVL Writing Coach Academy

SERVICES NVL Writing Coach Academy

NVL Teacher Training

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Training Teachers and Counselors to Help Students Write the Most Important Essay(s) of Their Lives

With the goal of helping teachers help their students write college essays with more imagination, less anxiety and greater success, Gabrielle Glancy is now offering a course for teachers and counselors in the method that has revolutionized the teaching of writing and brought her students unparalleled success.  I have seen her in action and there is nothing like it.  She can help even the most blocked student open the floodgates and write an essay that will tip the scales in their favor.  She’s a brilliant writer, a gifted teacher and a wonderful mentor to teachers and students alike.  I am so excited she is taking her show on the road! 

– Tanya Baker, Director, National Programs, National Writing Project

Glancy is the master of teaching kids to write.   She helps them find their own voices and overcome any blocks they may have. Her method will one day be taught in schools all over the world.  Why wouldn’t it be?  It’s intuitive, exciting — and it works!  

– Maggie Linton, Sirius XM Radio on The Art of the College Essay

Why didn’t someone tell me what Gabrielle Glancy seems to know by instinct when I was writing my college essay?  .  . .  [Her method] is a real twenty-first century guide to the whole college essay phenomenon.  

– Melissa Feuerstein, Research Institute, David Center, Harvard University

I learned the art of teaching writing from Gabrielle Glancy.  Her insights into the creative process — and how to tap into the deep reserves in us all — are remarkable . . .  Glancy’s method not only helps students write their college essays — probably the single most important piece of writing a student will ever do — but gives them tools for writing they will use throughout their lives. 

– Clifford Chase, Visiting Writer, Bowling Green University

Gabrielle Glancy utilizes the most cutting edge and revolutionary techniques that embrace a NEW VISION of how to harness a student’s innate imaginative powers and put them to work in the service of writing their college essays.

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