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SERVICES Organizational Skills

SERVICES Organizational Skills

Organizational Skills

Expert Guidance


It is often difficult for students to keep themselves organized, write down homework assignments (and hand them in!) and budget time. That is why it is helpful to design organizational strategies for each particular student.


For all concerned, it is sometimes best to get parents out of the homework loop.  Some students simply need a helping hand and/or someone to monitor them and answer questions when they come up.  Sometimes students need specific strategies for completing homework quickly and effectively.

Test-Taking Skills

Tests can be the cause of great anxiety for many students.  Some students understand the concepts presented in class but then do not perform well on tests.  Taking a good look at the steps a student takes in preparation for taking tests and figuring out ways to help students budget time, target areas of emphasis and hone memory skills are some of the many strategies that can be effective in improving test scores and performance.

Note-Taking Skills

Note-taking is the hidden key to test success and, because it is often done during class, it is an aspect of study skills that may be overlooked.  A careful look at how a student listens and processes information and how he or she learns best is the first step here.

Essay Writing

Essay writing is an art and a craft, all rolled into one.  Students are often required to write analytical or expository essays for their English classes, but are never taught how to go about doing this.  They know the final product must contain an introduction, a body paragraph, a conclusion.  But how do they get there?  It is for this reason that I have developed Conscious Process Writing, a strategy for writing essays that really works.

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