Deferred or Waitlisted? What Now?

At this time of year, Early Action and Early Decision decisions are rolling in.  In fact, here at New Vision Learning, we’ve already received a number of acceptances!  And we’re very excited to see the rest of the returns.

On occasion, however, a student gets deferred or waitlisted instead of accepted (or rejected). The good news is, you\’re still in the game! We have had a lot of success in years past getting acceptances once the student is placed into the general pool.

The question of the day is: Do you just sit and wait?

The answer is a big, resounding NO!

I would get on the horn. Call Harvard, Princeton, MIT and ask them if they accept supplementary materials and to whom and by what date are you allowed to send them?

And then I\’d get busy.

The first step is to compose a LETTER OF CONTINUED INTEREST (LOCI). I\’d be happy to help you with these.  Just give me a holler.

This needs to be honest — and compelling!

You can\’t just say, \”Please, Please, Please let me in!\”

You have to find an interesting way to get their attention (without being gimmicky) and you need to show them facets of yourself you may have left out the first time around, especially if you have new achievements, honors, key experiences.

You have to show them that you are EVEN MORE interested in attending their school now than you were a few months ago.

I have helped students with many letters of continued interest. They take finesse! These letters are not easy to write, just as the \”WHY\’s?\” are difficult too. But they are all-important! They could make or break you!

Remember that \”Brevity is the soul of wit.\” I would keep the letter short and smart. 😉

In addition, you may be allowed to send a supplement. My suggestion here is to send a video if you haven\’t done so already. This will be much more compelling and easier to digest than another written statement. If that\’s not possible, you\’ll have to get creative! You\’ll need to send them something that will get them very excited! 😉

Again, I\’d call in advance to see if they\’re open to accepting supplements.

As for being waitlisted, all the above applies, but I wouldn\’t hold my breath. That will depend on how many people reject them . . . so you\’ll have to wait . . . and it\’s more random.

In either case, however, be happy you are still in the running. And do all you can — logistically, artistically and energetically — to get yourself in!